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2012 Rate Change Update

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chicago Parking Meters, LLC is reminding motorists that on-street metered parking rates will change in 2012, based on the rate schedule detailed in the parking meter concession agreement.

Rates will change as follows:

  • In most areas of the city, representing 82% of the metered parking spaces, rates will be $1.75 per hour.
  • In the Central Business District outside the Loop (Area bounded by Lake Michigan to the East, North Avenue to the North, Halsted to the West, and Roosevelt Road to the South, exclusive of the Loop Area), representing approximately 16% of the metered parking spaces, rates will be $3.50 per hour.
  • Inside the Loop (Area bounded by Lake Michigan to the East, Wacker Drive to the North and West, and Congress Parkway to the South), representing less than 3% of the metered parking spaces, rates will be $5.75 per hour from 8 AM- 9 PM and the same rate for two hours from 9 PM – 8 AM.

Except for Inside the Loop, payment is not required from 9 PM to 8 AM unless otherwise posted.

The transition to the new rates will begin on January 2nd, starting with the Loop and moving outward into the neighborhoods.  Weather conditions permitting, the goal is to complete the transition in January.

Most importantly, as the transition moves forward, motorists are only responsible for paying the posted rate on the meters.  Accordingly, only the posted rates on each meter/pay box will be enforced.

If motorists have any questions or concerns, they can call 877-242-7901 or 312-744-PARK.  To access any information about the parking meter system, they can always consult

The Pay Box system includes a number of amenities for the benefit of motorists and their communities, including:

Portable time: Receipts purchased at pay boxes are good until expiration at any meter with the same or lower hourly rate, and they now are clearly printed with the rate so motorists can easily determine where they can use their receipt.  Given that the vast majority of meters are in the neighborhoods at the same rate, that means people can take payment with them as they visit many different business districts.

Automatic parking ticket dismissal: Information on meter malfunctions is captured in a database and shared with the City of Chicago which has automatically dismissed tickets for inoperable meters this year.

Pre-payment: Pay boxes are programmed to offer pre-payment whenever possible.  Motorists parking at 24-hour meters can generally pre-pay until 10:00am unless rush hour restrictions are in place.  At most other meters, motorists can pre-pay as early as 5:00am until 10:00am or later.

24 x 7 Customer Service: Motorists can call 877.242.7901 or go to to report a broken meter. Repairs are made in less than one business day, usually in just a few hours.